How to play

StoryRavel is a mixed-reality, adventure game.

It’s a race against time, as you journey through the streets of Hawaii solving puzzles and unlocking cryptic clues within the 90 minute time limit.

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1.   Recruit your team

Organise your group into teams of up to 4 players. Choose a captain for each team (this person will provide their mobile number and be the point of contact for all clues and answers).

2.   Find a game

We only hold two games a week - book online to reserve your spot.

3.   Start your game

On the day of your game, head to the starting location at the starting time. Depending on the game, you’ll receive a phone call or a text message prompting you to start.

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4.   Go on an adventure

You’ll receive clues which will start your mixed-reality, real-life adventure game throughout the city. Solve puzzles and cryptic riddles to continue on your journey.

5.   Solve puzzles

Each puzzle will involve your wit, some teamwork, and puzzle-solving skills. If you ever get stuck, take a peek at our Player guide and cheatsheet for help.

6.   The final destination

Once you've solved all the puzzles, you'll unlock your final destination where you'll meet other Ravelers and commiserate your losses, or if you’re a skilled adventurer, celebrate your win!