Here are our customer's most frequently asked questions.

If you still can't find an answer to your question, don't hestitate to contact us.

You cannot participate in our adventure games without a confirmed phone number because some clues are relayed over SMS.

Please click the link in the same browser where you registered, if possible. Alternatively, you can try to reset your password.

Unless stated otherwise, all our games can be played with a supervised child.

Children under 13 years old can play for free, but if they're over, they count as a team member.

Unless stated otherwise, all our games are accessible by wheelchair.

A smart phone with a data plan (fully charged or with a power bank if your battery tends to run low quickly), sunscreen, comfy shoes/clothing and an umbrella, just in case! Hawaii’s known to have quick, passing showers.

Our games are more than just an adventure with your friends - we use fixed times to ensure that all game participants are able to meet at the end of the game and celebrate together! We've found that shared experiences are an amazing way to meet new people - whether you're in town for vacation or born and raised in the area.


While our games do teach you about the locale, no prior knowledge is necessary to play our games.


We can send clues to any mobile phone number. Please make sure you include your country code when signing up. (e.g.: +81 050 1234 5678)

Our games are in English, but we're currently working on expanding into other languages. Join our mailing list to be the first to hear about our new releases!

They're in the works! Please join our mailing list and follow us on social media to be the first to play them!

Once game registration closes (one hour prior to start), you cannot register, confirm, or join a team without help from our support team. If you have purchased a game, just come on down, and we'll get you sorted!

Game prices vary with each game, but we generally try to price them around $25 USD per person.

All of our payment processing is handled by Stripe.

The information that StoryMotions, Inc. stores is limited to the last 4 digits of your credit card number and the type of card used.

Stripe is a certified PCI Level 1 Service Provider for payment processing. All data transmissions between the Storyravel.com servers, Stripe, and StoryRavel customers are encrypted over SSL.

Unfortunately, at this this time, we don't offer any refunds unless the game is canceled.

All purchases are final.

If the game is canceled, we will refund the purchase price to the original credit card that was used to make the purchase.

  1. Ask your friend to sign up for a StoryRavel.com account and login
  2. Share an invite
    • View your Upcoming games and select your game.
    • Follow the Game Team link found in the Teams tab
    • Share the QR code or link with your team member.
  3. Ask your friend to confirm joining (See "How do I join someone else's team" in this FAQ.)
Note: Once registration closes (one hour prior to start), you must email support for help adding a friend.

  1. Sign up for a StoryRavel.com account and login
  2. Receive an invite
    • Ask your Team Captain to provide an invite QR code or link. (See "How do I add friends to my team" in this FAQ.)
    • After logging in, access the QR code or link shared with you.
  3. Confirm joining the team
Note: Once registration closes (one hour prior to start), you must email support for help joining a team.

At the game start time, you will receive a message kicking off the game - it could be by voice or text. After confirming the start, you'll then receive a series of puzzles with clues. Follow the clues to solve the given puzzle. Once you have a solution to the puzzle, reply back with your solution.

If you're stuck, take a peek at the Player guide & cheatsheet for help.

Most importantly, have fun!

The Gamemaster is a member of our staff who will help monitor your game. You can contact the Gamemaster anytime during the game.

We currently have a few games a week - click here to see our next games! All games start promptly on time and last for no longer than 90 minutes.

Yes - you can change your team's mobile number at any time by signing into our website.

Teams typically separate during the game as clues are solved at different speeds.

In addition, we've also designed the game in a 'choose your own adventure' fashion - not every team will take the exact same path through our game.

Replies from the game should arrive within a few seconds. If you have poor mobile phone reception, try resending your answer. If you still are having problems, please call the Gamemaster immediately.

Please contact us at support@storyravel.com and we'll be glad to help!

Please describe your issue in as much detail as possible.