Player guide & cheatsheet

Use this cheatsheet as a guide to play our adventure games

Supported commands

Use this table below to understand all our supported game commands.

You send us

We send you

Time Penalty

!help We send you our in-game help menu. It will contain a list of commands along with a link to this page. None
!hint We have the "System" send you a hint.

Each puzzle contains a maximum of 3 hints.

First hint is assessed a 5 minute penalty.

Second hint is assessed an 8 minute penalty.

Last hint is assessed a 13 minute penalty.


We send you your real-time, in-game rank.


We send you a status update that contains the time remaining in the game.


You will exit the game. Once you exit, the game will be over for you.

Warning, this action is final and can't be undone

If you ragequit, you won't be eligible for our leaderboards
the correct answer

We will send you the next clue.

an incorrect answer

We will send you a notice that your message was incorrect.

Each incorrect answer is assessed a 3 minute penalty.

Gamemaster contact

If you are ever stuck or can't continue on in the game, please contact the Gamemaster.

StoryRavel reminder

Here at StoryRavel, your safety is our #1 priority.

Please follow the laws of the land and adhere to the following tips to ensure your safety.

  • Don't look at your phones as you cross the streets.
  • Please do not damage public and/or private property.
  • Please do not trespass onto private property.