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Imagine exploring the streets of Waikiki, searching for clues in a race against time. In our mixed-reality, adventure game, you’ll unravel the stories of Hawaii’s past as you decipher clues and puzzles designed to challenge your wit, teamwork and problem-solving skills. Unlock the final location to celebrate commiserate with your fellow Ravelers at a popular, local spot.

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How does StoryRavel work?


Step 1: Sign Up

First, you'll need to check for our next game. To play our games, you'll need at a minimum: a credit card, a cell-phone with a data plan, and your thinking caps.

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Step 2: Recruit Your Team

No adventure is complete without teammates. While you can play our game alone, recruit teammates to stay competitive. If you can't find any teammates, join a participating team. After all, this is an adventure we're going on.


Step 3: Patience, Padawan

Good things come to those who wait. If you're the winning team, expect glory and riches, and if you're not, we'll send you along to our favorite local watering hole to commiserate and speculate "oh, what might have been!"

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For the curious puzzle seeker, these games will be a challenge on your own, but you're up for it, aren't you?

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You enjoy puzzles and meeting new people.
You love history intertwined with culture.
Can you form a team and unravel our stories?


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